May - 12 - 2017

I mentioned in the previous article Sue is not about little hacks, tricks to get into shape, shed fat. She is into information backed by science, which works if u put the time, effort into The Beta Switch program.

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Different of Body Shapes of People

People have different body shapes. Thus, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a fat person is unhealthy while a skinny one is healthy. The best indicator to use in determining a people’s health is the Body Mass Index or BMI. To calculate your BMI, you need to measure your height and weight. Using the chart, you will know if you are underweight, have normal weight, overweight, or obese. To achieve your desired weight, you need to consult with a health specialist. You should not use diets simply because they are trending. Note that one of the major factors in your weight is your metabolism. Thus, one diet plan doesn’t necessarily work for you. To properly inform people about weight, health experts are creating their own website to guide people. They are sharing important information and doctor-approved tips. You can be assured that all sources of information are correct and up-to-date.

How does Sue Hentze’s Beta Switch really Work?

If you are a man then this program is not for you! This program was created for women, it is  complete weight loss lifestyle for women that literally switches on the fat burning power of your beta receptors. How does this work?   The Beta Switch by Sue Heintze,  here s that I know so far. Now this can get a technical, I will do my best to explain it to understand fashion. Your fat loss, weight gain is both controlled by something on the cellular level. This is called Adrenoreceptors.

These like SWITCHES what react with a hormone Iam sure u heard of before called adrenaline. This hormone is released naturally by ur body ,makes u store or release fat. Everyone has both Beta Adrenoreceptors, Alpha Adrenoreceptors. If you know how to turn on your beta receptors, Sue Heintze’s The Beta Switch shows you how to do then u will start triggering massive fat burning.

Now the opposite is true as good. If u turn on your alpha receptor “switch” then you will start to store, trap fat in your fat cells.Here is something what can be shock u ! Women, that means u have 9X more alpha-receptors 0n their stubborn fat!

The Beta Switch combines tactic nutrition, certain exercises what target this stubborn fat, literally turn on the beta switch, which turns off the alpha switch!

The importance of losing weight

Being overweight is not necessarily a bad thing for as long as you are also healthy by a reasonable definition. However, if your body start exceeding the threshold of the kind of mass that it can tolerate, a lot of bad things can happen. As such, even if you don’t really care about how you look, there are also other reasons for why you really want to try and lose weight.

Looking up top 10 home (/category/home-and-gardening/) solutions for weight loss is a good place to start since you can’t be expected to just jump right into it. However, it’s also important to temper your expectations because it’s impossible to lose all the weight you want gone overnight. Even undergoing liposuction requires time to actually show visible effects and even then, it might not go the way you expect.

This is the best way to target female pattern fat storage, Sue Heintze walks step by step  the process in The Beta Switch.

The Beta Switch is the combination 0f over 20 year of work, research by Sue Heintze. If u want to know more about her u may check out the following page where dive into the life story of Sue Heintze.

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